Finance Department

Mailing Address:

Town of Woodstock CT
415 Route 169
Woodstock, CT 06281-3039

What We Do:                                                                                    

The Finance Department is dedicated to serving the public and other units of government in the most friendly, efficient and effective manner possible. This is where, at least temporarily, your tax dollars aggregate before being dispensed to pay for Town Services.

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The primary functions of the Finance Department include the following, plus a whole lot more:

  • Receipt and investment of revenue
  • Development of yearly budget
  • Employee pension
  • Disbursement of funds for: maintenance and repair of municipal infrastructure, program expenses, equipment replacement, employee's salaries & benefits
More Information:

We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously, to ensure safe and sound financial practices that benefit the people of Woodstock.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Karen Fitzpatrick Finance Director 860-928-5935 ext. 337
Diane Converse Bookkeeper/Payroll 860-928-5935 ext. 315
Barry Shead Treasurer 860-928-5935 ext. 337