June Revaluation Update

Vision Government Solutions

Revaluation Update  June 2021 

Woodstock’s revaluation contract calls for 50% of the town to be inspected during the 2021 revaluation with the remaining 50% having been inspected during our last revaluation in 2016. 

Fieldwork and data collection for residential and commercial began in March and is still currently taking place.  We expect this phase to be completed in the next sixty (60) days. 

The Sales Review began recently and will continue right up until October 1, 2021. 

The Field Review phase will begin in the next thirty (30) days and during that phase, the contractor will drive up and down every street, and every driveway for rear lots, in order to set the final values. 

Any property owner with an active building permit on their property should also expect to see the contractor make a visit to their property to address the changes being made/constructed and collect and list the necessary data. 

Vision Government Solutions, Inc is the vendor hired to perform these duties and their current employees assigned to Woodstock’s project are as follows: 

Sue Robinson 

2019 blue Subaru Impreza 

CT plate 999 PDT 

Robert Hutwelker 

2015 red Subaru Legacy 

CT plate AS-98765 

John Doyle 

2016 blue Mazda CX-5 

CT plate AX-69874 

Jim Williams  

2015 black Nissan Pathfinder 

CT Plate# 191YOW 

All employees will have a letter signed by The Town of Woodstock Assessor, Emily C. Carlone. They will be measuring the exterior of the homes. Generally, they will be working between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm Monday through Saturday. 

You can visit the Vision government Solutions website for information explaining each stage of the revaluation process as well as answer Frequently Asked Questions at this link.