Selectman Paquette Appointed to Serve as First Selectman

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At a Special Meeting held April 23rd, the two remaining members of the Woodstock Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to appoint Selectman Chandler Paquette as First Selectman. Paquette will complete the remainder of First Selectman Jay Swan’s term following his recent passing and be up for reelection in November 2025.

“This is a bittersweet moment,” said Paquette. “Jay was a tremendous member of the community and always worked to make Woodstock a better place. He loved this town, and it was an honor to call him a friend.” Paquette will continue to do “what is best for Woodstock. That’s what Jay always did.”

Selectwoman Kate McDonald stated, “I fully support Chandler Paquette as he steps into the role of First Selectman. I strongly believe that his years of service on the Board of Selectmen for the town has provided him with the knowledge and experience he will need to lead Woodstock in this new role. Chandler and I have worked well together over the last year and a half and I look forward to continuing our commitment to serve the citizens of Woodstock.”

Paquette is a lifelong resident of Woodstock and has served as a Selectman for over 17 years, having been elected to 9 consecutive terms. Over the years he has been involved with many projects in Woodstock. For both the new Department of Public Works facility and the elementary and middle school roofs, he served as the chair of those respective feasibility and building committees. He has also served as chair, vice chair and treasurer of the Republican Town Committee, and currently serves as the Board of Selectmen representative on the Open Space Land Acquisition & Preservation Committee.

In addition, Paquette volunteered to help install a new wooden roof on the Quasset School when it needed to be replaced. He has been part of multiple union negotiations and has been through the budget process 17 times, as well as the immediate issues raised from the Covid pandemic, the ARPA funding and the ongoing bridge projects. “I have worked hard to be in touch with the concerns and needs of the citizens of Woodstock” stated Paquette. “My number one priority always has been and will continue to be public safety. I look forward to serving the town in my new position and will continue to strive to complete the work started by my friend and colleague Jay Swan.”

The Woodstock Board of Selectman now have 30 days to fill the role of selectman vacated by Paquette.