Sustainable CT Workshop in Woodstock

Sustainable CT

Woodstock- On Tuesday, August 10, Woodstock hosted a Sustainable CT workshop at the Town Hall. Sustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities. The program provides a wide range of actions in 13 categories that can be implemented to earn points toward certification. Category topics include Thriving Local Economies, Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources, Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems, and Optimal Health and WellnessOpportunities. Towns must complete at least one item in each category.

The Woodstock Conservation Committee presented Sustainable CT to the Board of Selectmen last February. The BOS voted to adopt a resolution supporting participation in the program, however COVID delayed getting it off the ground. Conservation Chair, Lee Wesler said, “I first learned about Sustainable CT at a conference in 2019 and felt that it would be a wonderful project for our Conservation Commission to spearhead. Sustainable CT not only will recognize and support our current initiatives but will help us in creating an even more vibrant future community.”

Established in 2017, nearly 75% of towns in Connecticut are now registered with Sustainable CT. Matching grant funding is available for projects that align with actions. Anyone in a registered municipality can propose projects, from nonprofits and community groups to individuals, schools, and libraries. More information can be found at

First Selectman Jay Swan, “Sustainable CT is yet another opportunity to showcase the town of Woodstock. When you look at the 13 categories and their actions, many of these goals have been met or are in the process of being met. This speaks well for the various town groups and committees that are active in Woodstock.”

“Woodstock has been a proactive municipal leader on sustainability efforts.” Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, Planning and Zoning Commission Chair, states. “Our Planning and Zoning Commission has been addressing meaningfully these issues for our community and the region over the past years. Ongoing efforts by the Commission will continue to address these important issues. I look forward to working as part of Woodstock’s Sustainable CT program. Engaging all parts of town government and involving the people of Woodstock will bring about good benefits for our community for the future. “

Sustainable CT Program Assistant Chadwick Schroeder stated: “I had the pleasure of visiting the small town of Woodstock, Connecticut to discuss the Sustainable CT Certification Program. I found a town hall room filled with community members, Chairs, and Commissioners dedicated to creating a thriving and sustainable Woodstock. Woodstock’s farming history and tightly knit community demonstrate a historical commitment to the environment and promoting community health. As we look towards the future, the residents and leaders in Woodstock have the foundation, passion, and drive that blends the historic small town and farming history, with 21st century sustainability initiatives, to build a community for all current and future residents.”

To learn how you can participate in this program on a local level, email Crystal Adams, Woodstock’s Sustainable CT municipal contact, at [email protected].