Woodstock GIS Map

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Woodstock GIS Map

GIS stands for Geographic Information System.

Users can access geographic data that is stored in a database, and displayed on a map, or layers of a map. Users will be able to accomplish many tasks using a GIS, such as:

Locating properties to prepare Planning and Zoning or Conservation mailing lists
Reviewing aerial photos of town
Reviewing property information for boundaries and zoning designations
Checking the location of designated wetlands and flood zones
Reviewing Building Permits
Reviewing Sewer Permits

Getting Started

If this is your first time accessing our Town GIS, it is recommended that you navigate to the "help" link at the bottom left of the GIS viewer screen and click on "documentation. The link will open up an online PDF that explains every tool within the viewer. Please note that this site utilizes pop-up windows to print GIS Maps and other purposes. You must have pop-up blockers turned off or some features will not function. Please enable the pop-up windows (make them available) for this site only.


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