A complete Inland Wetlands Permit Application typically includes:

  • IWWA Short Form / Long Form or Timber Harvest Application
  • Site Plan with Wetlands Delineation
  • Project Narrative & Supporting Documents (including Health Department approvals)
  • DEEP Statewide Reporting Form
  • Notification To Watershed District

IWWA Short Form Application
This Wetlands application may be completed for preliminary review. The Agency will then notify the applicant of any additional information that may be required and will schedule a public hearing, if necessary.

IWWA Long Form Application
Applicants are encouraged to hold a pre-application meeting with the Wetlands Agent to determine if the proposed activity involves a “Significant Impact Activity” as defined in the Town of Woodstock Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations.

Permit Transfer Application
The transfer of an existing, un-expired permit or approval requires the signatures of the permittee and prospective permittee. The Agency will review the application at their regularly schedule meeting. No fee is required.

Timber Harvest Form
Certain activities associated with timber harvesting are a use permitted as of right pursuant to Section 22a-40(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes and Section 4.1 of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Regulations for the Town of Woodstock.

DEEP Statewide Reporting Form
Section 22a-39(m) of the General Statutes and section 22a-39-14 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies require filing of the Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Activity Reporting Form for each action taken by the agency. 

Public Drinking Water Source Protection Area Map
Please view this map to see if your project requires notification to a regional watershed district.

Windham Water Works Reporting Form
Public Act 89-301 requires applicants to provide written notice of an application, petition, request or plan to wetland, zoning or planning and zoning commissions and zoning boards of appeals if the proposed project is located within the watershed.

Aquifer and Watershed Online Project Notification Form
This form is required to be completed and submitted to the Department of Public Health if your application, petition, request or plan is located in a Drinking Water Source Watershed or Aquifer Protection Area.